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“Fazedores de Café”, the Sofá Café’s project that offers a professional training course to Brazilian young people

“Fazedores de Café”, the Sofá Café’s project that offers a professional training course to Brazilian young people

Sofá Café, a Brazilian franchise chain created in São Paulo, has been developing a project that is valuable not only for the company, but also for the society as a whole. By means of the “Fazedores de Café” (Coffee Makers) project, the brand has been offering free training to socially vulnerable young people, so that they become professional baristas. Partners and volunteers also participate in the initiative.

The franchise chain is one of the associates of Franchising Brasil, a sector project for the internationalization of Brazilian franchise brands carried out by means of a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Franchising (ABF) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The project was born in 2013, as part of the social development commitment of the company to youngsters from poor neighborhoods. According to Sofá Café, the main intention was to “use coffee as a tool for social change – that’s where the idea of developing a very comprehensive and detailed model for a barista training course came from –, something completely new in the global market.”

“Fazedores de Café” currently includes 3 months of daily classes covering more than 20 different subjects, plus a 30-day internship in several cafés in São Paulo, where students can put their knowledge into practice. The initiative is supported by partners like Pasquali Máquinas, Flavors and Swiss Coffee, among others. “The partners have helped us to make it happen; we couldn’t have done it without them. Also, the volunteers are renowned people in the field and guarantee the excellence of the contents the students are given, thus ensuring the acknowledgment of the “Fazedores de Café” project and of the young people who become professionals here”, says Sofá Café.

By virtue of the pandemic, the project had to suspend its activities this year, but it is ready to resume the operations as soon as it’s deemed safe. “We hope the project become independent and impact a greater number of youngsters; that it has its own place of business, including a café and a coffee roasting unit under the brand “Fazedores de Café”; that it becomes a self-sustainable social impact business”, says the company about its expectations for the future of the project.

Get updated on the news of “Fazedores de Café” at its official website.

About Sofá Café

The franchise brand was created in 2011 and became a great example of cafés in the state of São Paulo. In addition to its units in Brazil, the company also has one store in Framingham, in the United States.

About Franchising Brasil

Franchising Brazil is a joint project of the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), which aims to support the internationalization strategy of Brazilian franchise networks and their international commercial promotion. The initiative was designed to promote this recognized business model in the main international markets.

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