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Service sector in Brazil powers through the pandemic with the help of innovation

Service sector in Brazil powers through the pandemic with the help of innovation

The service industry is one of the most affected by the pandemic, so dramatic strategy and business changes have been made. Companies like Jan-Pro and Limpeza com Zelo, which provide cleaning services, and Terça da Serra, a nursing home for the elderly, are just a few names that stand out in such sector.

Since service provision franchises require the physical presence of customers and employees, such companies have been facing several challenges to transform their products and continue providing services in a safe way. To Jan-Pro, a company dedicated to commercial cleaning services, the obstacle became an opportunity to expand the business. “Cleaning services orders from offices, restaurants and gyms and fitness centers decreased, but new types of cleaning services arose, such as the cleaning of laboratories and vehicles used by them to deliver COVID-19 test results”, says Renato Ticoulat, Jan-Pro master franchisee. The entrepreneur also says there was a 300% increase in orders, and investors became more interested in the business during the pandemic. “Now people are beginning to understand that cleaning is a serious matter, not just a way to pretend rooms are clean and organized”, he completes.

Because of the pandemic and the need of constant cleaning, the brand focused on its virtual contact with customers and people interested in such services, and it expanded its team in Brazil and abroad. Now that some kinds of shops are authorized to open again in the country, Jan-Pro is targeting them and assisting its franchisees to get back to work. “We waived the royalties paid by those franchisees who lost customers”, says Renato. “That had a financial impact in the beginning, but now payments are being made, and soon we’ll recover the money. We will certainly be stronger when this crisis ends”, he completes.

Limpeza com Zelo, on its turn, is dedicated to home cleaning. In its campaign, the company, like the other brand belonging to the group, states it continues providing services while following all the safety and health procedures. One of the services provided is EnviroShield, a high-technology disinfection system that is safe and sustainable and used to clean and sanitize several types of environment. Highly effective electrostatic charges are used to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, having a proven long-term effectiveness of 30 days or longer, depending on the product used. According to Renato, that service is precisely the one that has been keeping the working capital and the operations at full speed.

In a partnership with Jan-Pro, IRAPA (Reference Institute for the Support to Brazilian Assistance Programs) and ABRALIMP (Brazilian Professional Cleaners Association), Limpeza com Zelo has launched the “Repouso Limpo” (Clean Rest) initiative, a collective effort to ensure the health and wellbeing of the elderly from long-term care institutions in the state of São Paulo. The purpose of the project is to eliminate contamination in such environments by means of appropriate cleaning and instruct the cleaning staff from those institutions on how to choose the proper cleaning products and use them correctly. The initiative is ongoing and it is expected to last until the end of May, providing services to over 140 nursing care institutions, with plans to expand the number of institutions served in the future.

Elderly Care

Responsible for taking care of the elderly, who are at a higher risk for COVID-19, nursing home Terça da Serra has been a good example of how to deal with crisis and keep the safety and health of its residents. Alana Nascimento, franchise expansion manager, states that the company has been monitoring the situation since the first cases were confirmed in China. “Constant cleaning has always been a crucial standard procedure in all units of the franchise, but the fact that older people are at a higher risk for COVID-19 generated the need of adapting our daily routine”, says Alana. The brand intensified the deep cleaning of the units and in-person visits were replaced with video calls, thus taking advantage of technology to ensure safety and health.

Company’s administrative staff has been working from home, and constant communications have been encouraged with internal and external parties. “That was a good opportunity for us to show that nursing homes continue being a great alternative for the elderly during the pandemic. It’s much better for old people staying with us than being alone at home, where they could be subject to inappropriate cleaning procedures at this difficult moment”, adds Alana.

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